Empowered week 7 part 1

Being in this Empowered Program this summer has made me realize that fear can prevent people from doing something they possibly might love. A lot of people have a misconception of coding. I am also guilty as charge. People are afraid when they hear the words “coding” or “computer science”. It sounds scary. It’s the […]

Empowered week 5

The most memorable speakers are the ones who put memes in their presentation. I am talking about the women named May Marks. She is a middle aged women who works as a business economic developer at the Greater Louisville Inc. for the Chamber of Commerce. Through my internship as a website developer at Empowered, we […]

Empowered week 4

This program is going by quickly. In the next two weeks I have to complete a mock website for an organization called Future Up, I have to make my own website design company webpage, and find an entrepreneur to make a website for him/her. The hardest part of getting all this done is procrastinating, and […]

Empowered week 3

A lot of people think if you major or have a career in the arts you have to be innovative and creative. A lot of people don’t associate creativity with science and technology. But learning how to code, I see there is a lot of creativity involved in computer science. First of all, when I […]

Empowered week 1

*Empowered is a coding summer program for girls of color, that have little to no experience in coding, in Louisville,Ky. I and 10 other girls involved, intern for Glow Touch Technologies. I will post weekly updates on how the internship is going.*   How was week one of coding? Sitting at a desk for eight […]